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Drivers de instalação para placas de som com chipset C-Media CMI Veja também. C-media cmi/c3dx audio device pci · C-media. o driver C-media CMI/C3DX Audio Device, para windows xp??? .com. br/cmic3dx-pci-audio-device-driver/downloadhtml. Baixar os drivers para placa de som C-Media CMI/C3DX PCI Audio Device, ou instale o programa DriverPack Solution para atualizar o driver.

Nome: drivers c-media cmi8738/c3dx audio device
Formato:ZIP-Arquivar (Driver)
Sistemas operacionais: iOS. Windows XP/7/10. MacOS. Android.
Tamanho do arquivo:50.66 MB


É a saída do pré-amplificador, que normalmente é ligada no amplificador, no qual ficam ligadas as caixas de som. Ou me manda pra eu baixar:. Como ganhar dinheiro montando computadores. Pesquisar threads relacionados. Are they there for this device? It ele considerou-se Strike dez cheguei Large Download free kbsec. Classnobr Source account. Audio type:

o driver C-media CMI/C3DX Audio Device, para windows xp??? .com. br/cmic3dx-pci-audio-device-driver/downloadhtml. Baixar os drivers para placa de som C-Media CMI/C3DX PCI Audio Device, ou instale o programa DriverPack Solution para atualizar o driver. Driver C-Media CMI/C3DX Audio Device. Por icarusrj, 9 de Basta você clicar no endereço a seguir, baixar, desempacotar. e instalar. Download C-Media CMI/CMI Sound WDM Driver. Pacote de controladores CMI/CMI Drivers da placa de áudio C-Media CMI/C3DX.

Return to General RetroShare discussion. Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 0 guests. The Retroshare forums Skip to content. Anyhow I deserve a Bronze Retroshare user.

placa som 5 1 c media 6ch leadership

I managed to attract to Retroshare 2 fellows and did show it to 4 or 5 other ones. That is not my computer problem. Its a Retroshare issue. Large I mean folders with more than files. It should be fixed or , if not fixable, people should be warned about it. PS : This is really surprising since the friend folder list is stored in my computer.

When the friend is offline I can see his file names so the list must be stored in my computer. If it is stored in my computer why it does so long to show? Just to show friend folder it does take 54 seconds.. More than 2 minutes. When I wrote in another threat that RS should be ironed out before ading more stuff like voice..

The team should concentrate in making the basic stuff work.. I use windows XP SP3. I do not thinks its a PC problem. I Just tried with 25k of files in flat listview. It took 2min to load this list. I think this is ok, because no human can ever handle a list of 25k files. And no, i don' t have a fast CPU.


To reproduce this we need detailed information about your environment. Which version of Retroshare do you use?

Codigo Digital

On which OS does this occur? How many files? In Listview you can select all and copy Retroshare links to clipboard. Then paste to editor to see how many lines you have. My retroshare version is the last one. I did download it 2 weeks ago or so. Its the version 2 e.

When I tried to check the version I could not.


When I click the I , in the main window, it does open small tab.. The list view is tree view. How many files in the folder I was browsing? Around files. This does happen only in a contact files. My own files work as they are supposed to do. In the friends files.. Long wait. After 2 minutes a folder does show. Remove From My Forums.


Windows 7 IT Pro. Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility.


Entrar para Votar. Hi everyone just recently jumped on the Wb bandwagon and I'm having some issues with this sound card. That Creative card looked like the best deal price-wise. Good Luck and stay safe! Catch a few pirates for me.

Marcado como Resposta Nicholas Li Moderator quinta-feira, 18 de março de Hi rwbrahm, Which computer or motherboard uses this device?

Is it a plug-in device or on-board device?


Thanks for the reply Nano. Enter the bios and disable the onboard sound. Let Windows search. When that is complete close out of device manager and restart. Then test. What's the result? Editado Nano Warp sexta-feira, 12 de março de correct typos.

Drivers para ASUS A7A133

I did all of the above and its still the same. C'mon, your pulling a fast one here. You're boot camping an Apple. Visit their forum. The apple audio is a pain on it's own, lights on or off, mic won't work, etc.

If it is a pci card for Windows, who is the manufacturer? C-Media makes the chips. The manufacturer should have drivers. You lost me there. I'm not pulling a fast one. I'm not boot camping an Apple.

I had onboard sound for a long time but I was transferred to Anchorage, Alaska and that place was loaded with static electricity and it zapped my on-board. So I went an bought a sound card from amazon. Ok, I had to find out. Sorry to poke at you like that. Do you have sound to the speakers?

Do you have driver version 8. I downloaded the drivers and extracted the folder. I see the drivers inside of the folder named PCI There is an executable named setup. Have you tried the Hardware Troubleshooter in the Action Center?

Right-click on the flag in the notification area of the taskbar low right 2. Select Troubleshoot a problem.